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Cale with Danelectro: Cale loved to experiment with cheaper guitars. From around 2002, he played the newer Danelectro Convertibles which cost around $350 back then. He liked the thin necks and the fact that they didn't weigh a lot. The Formica bodies didn't seem as affected by climate changes on the road. Cale would modify them by putting pickups under the saddles and sometime in the sound. That old Harmony is also a part of history, no longer riding in the trunk of the car, where now sits a Danelectro or a red Strat, or maybe a Casio. Cale's blues-rock-jazz-country groove found in the 21st century, along with his fans, had spent ages in their backpacks - On the classic side JJ mostly played his $50 he bought in the late 60s, either miked as an acoustic or then with installed pickups (more and more pickups as years went on: Gibson humbuckers of low and high output, P90-type of pickup, Danelectro-type of a lipstick etc). This guitar was broken by airlines on an Aussie tour, IIRC JJ Cale ; Randy California ; Glen Campbell ; Mike Campbell verwendet Danelectro-Gitarren, Pedale und Effekte ; Eric Clapton verwendete einen Danelectro 59-DC ; Nels Cline verwendet auf seinem Album Instrumentals Silvertone- und Danelectro-Gitarren ; Bruce Cockburn ; Ry Cooder spielt Slide-Gitarre auf Silvertone-Gitarren. Elvis Costello erschien in Anzeigen für Danelectro, als die Marke Ende. Some Danelectro guitar components are reproduced under license of U.S. Trademark Number 2,411,842. Danelectro sometimes provides free products to beta testers who may later express their views on these products on the web or in print. Prices and specs subject to change

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  1. Summray: This is a REALLY fun, all-original Danelectro Convertible acoustic/electric for sale in great condition. . This is a fun, unique guitar from the 1990s reissue of 1960s guitar. It is fully hollow and makes a good amount of funky noise unplugged. Plugged in, it makes some truly beautiful sounds. These are classic! Go listen to Tom Waits, JJ Cale, or Low and you'll hear these tones.
  2. This blog is about my struggle learning to play and tab JJ Cale's music! COMMENTS, REQUESTS AND HELP APPRECIATED! Wednesday, October 21, 2009. JJ gear posting update Just to add and confirm my previous list, he had these guitars: - Two ES-335 / 345 models, one (red?) with a vibrola, the other (sunburst) with a fixed bridge. I assume both are Gibsons. (see Rewind cover leaflet) - a sunburst.
  3. During the late stages of his career, JJ Cale, a hero to many including me, used a modified 1999 Danelectro Convertible guitar on the road. I was lucky enoug..
  4. Also JJ Cale said he was influenced by Clarence Gatemouth Brown. What could be a greater honour, than being covered by one of your idols: With a piezo added in addition to the Danelectro lipstick pickup. JJ really likes them lipsticks, and I do understand it, from my little experience with ten, they do have a sweet (compressed?) tone . Though I've heard that the reissue supposedly don't.
  5. J.J. Cale: Well, this album was made by committee. The last four albums, with me playing with the synthesizer, everybody hated. [Then producer/manager] Audie Ashworth did the first eight albums, and those were kind of semi-popular, for an obscure songwriter like me. Then I started doing these albums in California with all synthesizers and me being the engineer. I liked those, but the folks.
  6. On JJ Cale: He would buy a $100 guitar, then if he messed it up by drilling holes, it was okay. That was the cost of educating himself By Henry Yates 24 July 2019. Cale's widow and bandmate Christine Lakeland reflects on his career and gear (Image credit: Tim Jackson / Getty) On the eve of JJ Cale's first posthumous album, his widow and former bandmate, Christine Lakeland, gave us a.
  7. Cale takes us through the creative process -- sharing how he and the other musicians brought the songs to life in the recording studio. With photographs and comments on each song, we gain insight on the artist's technical as well as creative talent. Cale also tells who worked on the original recording sessions of each song, what instruments were played and other details. J.J. Cale is one of a.

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  1. https://twitter.com/mKgGxYKkUEtksk7 - http://www.panoramio.com/user/6723384?comment_page=1&photo_page=7&show=all - http://mousouramesologgiouaitoloakarnanias..
  2. danelectro® 84; the 64; 59mn.o.s + stock '59 '59 resonator '59m spruce; longhorn guitar; convertible ; 56 single cutaway guitar; vintage 12string; 59 12string; 59o double neck 6-12[生産完了品] bass '64 bass '59dc long scale bass; 56 single cutaway bass; longhorn bass; amplifier. dh-2 [hodad ii] n-10 [honey tone] effect pedals. 復刻モデル; roebuck(roe-1) 3699 fuzz(tf-1.
  3. Danelectro Convertible U2. A monster! Combining our 56 Lipstick® with Piezo produces huge tone. Maybe the best acoustic electric tone ever. These guitars are getting rave reviews just check out you tube if you dont believe me ! This is a model that JJ Cale is often seen with towards the end of his career, it has a piezo in the bridge and the.

Danelectro DCV56CR Convertible deals. View Similar Amazon US. View Similar. Amazon. No price information. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. powered by . The Convertible is Dano's take on an electro-acoustic, and revisits an original design that was first introduced way back in 1959. It features a hollow Shorthorn body and our example is finished in a suitably. JJ Cale13 daysrio theater, santa cruz4.03.0 JJ Cale's Fifty Dollar Guitar Harmony Danelectro Convertible. 1987 Casio PG-380 MIDI Guitar. Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar. Got Your Guitars? Be part of the music industry by using our custom beats in your own song releases for only $149! Buy beats online or find J.J. Cale type beats. Buy Pop Beats Buy EDM Beats Buy Hip Hop Beats Buy Rock Beats Buy Country Beats Buy Jazz Beats. Blowin' Down the Road With Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale by Dan Forte. It's fitting that The Road To Escondido, the long-awaited collaboration between Eric Clapton and J.J. Cale - a concept that seems, on the surface, to be so obvious, at least to fans - took decades to materialize. Cale, in particular, never seems to be in a hurry. Since his debut album, Naturally, in 1971, he has released.

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A 90's reissue Danelectro Convertible electric-acoustic guitar, Korean-made (NOT CHINA) in BlueBurst color, a pleasure to play and real attention-getter! As used by Elvis Costello, JJ Cale, others. Equipped with one of Danelectro's loved (and copied) Lipstick pickups, for the twang Dano guitars are known for, but with an acoustic warmth. Unplugged, the floating bridge gives a banjo-like. FWIW, I now have 2 Danelectro's, a convertible, which is a sort of acoustic/electric single pup double cut and a DC59 anniversary with gold plated hardware (!) that I changed out the bridge for an individually adjustable one. You know that the truss rod adjuster is accessed by removing the neck...you kind of have to adjust it and hope it's right, but mine have been pretty stable, and they.

Danelectro Convertible 90's reissue in very good condition. Plays and sounds great. I got this back when I saw JJ Cale playing this model on stage. RIP!Comes with a Danelectro gig bag and a sweet little Danelectro Honeytone amp Danelectro - Tinariwen - Niklas Almqvist - Dave Alvin - Richard Barone - Syd Barrett - Danelectro Shorthorn - Beck - Jeff Beck - Jeff (album) - Billy Bragg - Jack Bruce - Peter Buck - R.E.M. - Twelve-string guitar - R. L. Burnside - J. J. Cale - Glen Campbell - Mike Campbell (musician) - Eric Clapton - Nels Cline - Bruce Cockburn - Ry Cooder - Elvis Costello - When I Was Crue JJ Cale ; Randy California ; Glen Campbell ; Mike Campbell usa guitarras, pedais e efeitos Danelectro ; Eric Clapton usou um Danelectro 59-DC ; Nels Cline usa guitarras Silvertone e Danelectro em seu álbum Instrumentals ; Bruce Cockburn ; Ry Cooder toca slide guitar nas guitarras Silvertone. Elvis Costello apareceu em anúncios para Danelectro quando a marca foi relançada no final dos anos. JJ Cale ; Randy California ; Glen Campbell ; Mike Campbell bruker Danelectro gitarer, pedaler og effekter ; Eric Clapton brukte en Danelectro 59-DC ; Nels Cline bruker Silvertone og Danelectro gitarer på albumet Instrumentals ; Bruce Cockburn ; Ry Cooder spiller lysgitar på Silvertone-gitarer. Elvis Costello dukket opp i annonser for Danelectro da merkevaren ble relansert på slutten av 1990. Though Cale had some priceless guitars, he played a $200 Danelectro at his last Cain's gig. After Steve Munson died, The Sunset Grill staged a tribute/benefit in 1991. It was arranged so Cale could stop by during one of his tours. The stage was packed. Some of the players were his friends, but it's a safe bet that some were crowded on there so they could later say I played with J.J.

J.J. Cale passed away on Friday, July 26, 2013 in La Jolla, CA at the age of 74 after suffering a heart attack. His representatives have said that no donations are needed, but since Cale was a great lover of animals you could, if you like, make a donation to your favorite local animal shelter. We're remembering J.J. with an interview Russell Hall wrote for Performing Songwriter from his Cale. Follow Marty On Social Media!Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/martyschwartzTwitter - http://www.twitter.com/martyschwartzFacebook - http://www.facebook.c.. Crazy J J Cale S Harmony Guitar Pictures And Video Of The Inside Mark Knopfler Guitar Site. Save Image. J J Cale Guitar Chords 81 Songs . Save Image. J J Cale Style Guitar Lesson Simple Blues Guitar Lesson Ep103 Youtube. Save Image. J J Cale Leaving In The Morning Gitarre Play Along 5 99. Save Image. On Jj Cale He Would Buy A 100 Guitar Then If He Messed It Up By Drilling Holes It Was Okay. The Danelectro is a great beginner's guitar that will be great for learning chords and simple lead guitar concepts. One downside of the Danelectro '59 is that it doesn't allow for lead guitar further up the neck. The reason this isn't great is because of the neck join on the back of the guitar. Sure, you can do all the lead work you like up to about the 13th fret or so, but beyond that. 13 août 2013 - Previously owned Danelectro Convertible Reissue Acoustic/Electric Guitar in Surf Green Finish. This guitar is in very good condition with pick scratches located in eh pick action area. The frets are in excellent condition

J.J. Cale's 1919 Gibson L-4 1919 Gibson L-4 (12-fret with oval soundhole) Ex J.J. Cale Originally introduced in 1912 this ninety-six year old arched-top and back L-4 weighs just 4.00 lbs. Sixteen inch wide and 3 1/4 inch deep body with 'walnut-stained' maple back and sides and a two-piece carved spruce top with a 'triple-bound' oval soundhole with an inlaid 'diamond-pattern' in the center johann sebastian bach gitarre jj cale gitarre jellinghaus dortmund gitarre joachim vogel gitarre jazz akkordfolgen gitarre jazz gitarre lernen anfänger jelgi gitarre jazz gitarre spielen. Save Image. E Gitarre Mit Wenig Gewicht Musiker Board. Save Image. Ergonomie Der E Gitarre Musiker Board. Save Image . Harley Benton Dullahan Ft 24 Bks Dullahan At 24 Tbk Test Bonedo. Save Image. Ibanez.

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Guitar Tex 4330 McCullough San Antonio, TX 78212 (210)822-1595 info@guitartex.co JJ CALE - TULSA 1975 (R.I.P. 1938-2013) Sad to note the death of JJ Cale, a major songwriter and fascinating guitarist (did anyone really register what he DID with that early box!? It was a 'Harmony' which I have a few of . . but that's another story - see below) with the so laidback he's horizontal reputation. 'Naturally' I bought when it came out over here and was never off the turntable and. Sonstige 4-Saiter E-Bässe bei Europas größtem Musikhaus - Schneller Versand, 30 Tage Money-Back und 3 Jahre Thomann Garanti Tim Chapple - Bass Guitar. 514 likes · 3 talking about this. Bass Guitarist from Cornwall UK

Eric Clapton — Someday (The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale 2014) Check out J.J. Cale's gear and equipment including the 1987 Casio PG-380 MIDI Guitar, Danelectro Convertible, and JJ Cale's Fifty Dollar Guitar Harmony Den J. J. Cale, Amerikalı müzisyen, şarkıcı ve besteci. 1938 doğumlu olan JJ Cale'nin gerçek adı John Weldon Cale'dir ve bir dönemin tanınmış müzik. CARL RADLE - 40 YEARS ON TULSA'S MOST FAMOUS BASSMAN One of the legends that pervade the resurrection of JJ Cale from west coast reject to budding mainstream artist is that somehow Eric..

I bought used 5 months ago. A few years ago, I sold my Danelectro because I did not feel comfortable with a guitar solid body (or almost). I play for 13 years and tried a lot of electric guitars and I do not think buying an electric one day (I was gone for a Martin D28) and continue to put in my micro magnetic roses when I wanted a sound Electric (JJ Cale again) but this instrument has a good. JJ Cale, an American guitarist who played a modified Stratocaster and a Gibson. 36. Joe Bonamassa, 60. Dano, a name for the Danelectro DC3 guitar. 61. Frankentele, a perfect name for a brand new Telecaster guitar. 62. Greeny, a perfect name for a Redondo guitar. 63. Gretsch Paul, a perfect name for an Eleca Les Paul custom guitar. 64. Jeff, a name suitable for a Henderson guitar. 65. Joan. it's amazing that folks like gilmour, johnson, knopfler, beck, page, hendrix, clapton, et al don't just play cheap old harmonys. somewhere along the.. Konzert: Mark Knopfler in Berlin : Der Sultan des Swing. Am Ende schwelgt er in Erinnerungen: Mark Knopfler spielte zwei Stunden fabelhafte Musik in Berlin - und auch eine Menge Hits aus Dire. [A E Em B G C D Am Bm] Chords for Tim Langedijk - Chasing You (J.J. Cale) with song key, BPM, capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin

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28.04.2016 - Whinersmusic hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest One of the great 1990's MIK Danelectro Convertible models, just like the one JJ Cale used to use. -Single lipstick single coil pickup with a volume and tone control is all you need to get to work with this machine. Electronics work great with no issues.-Plays well plugged in or unplugged with ele.. JJ's name inlaid in gold pearl Combination vintage Dano lipstick magnetic soundhole pickup, and piezo saddle bridge pickup Bubinga Lutehole removable baffle for the rear soundhole. This fine semi-hollow guitar was commissioned last November by my long time friend John Cale to be his third custom Moonstone. He made me a personal DVD from his living room describing exactly how he had. I see these are from the 1990's, and MIK...this is a sparkely blue...comes with a gig bag. Should have it by the weekend. I saw JJ Cale playing one on youtube, then I saw this one for sale at a good price, and jumped on it. Pics when it gets here. :dude: mar

By those specs I think it's totally a JJ Cale kinda guitar. Way back in the seventies, he said he loves Gibsons, and also played ES-335 and Les Paul guitars a lot. And the Harmony had all sorts of tonal controls and switches. I think he might've gutted all of the electronics from a Les Paul Signature to his Harmony (although he said he originally had wiring from a Danelectro in it). Why. I have a vintage (1964) danelectro. It's in great condition cosmetically, and all original. I don't play it much, but i have been thinking about.. Page 1 of 2 - JJ Cale's guitar on Crossroads Festival - posted in Guitar Q & A: What kind of Fender is that? It looks like a cross between a Strat and a Tele Feb 5, 2015 - As the premier authority on used & vintage gear, we have an unmatched selection of guitars, amps, basses & more. Shop Chicago guitars & other instruments here It's the same old blues, same old blues again - JJ Cale-At the dark end of the street That's where we always meet Hiding in shadows where we don't belong Living in darkness to hide our wrong You and me, at the dark end of the street You and me - Autor : James Carr - song by :Gram Parsons and the flying burritos brothers. Haut : stach-stach. Inscrit le: 06 Nov 18 Localisation: France.

It used to belong to JJ Cale. Last edited: Mar 16, 2021. nojazzhere likes this. Mar 16, 2021 #6. Antoon Tele-Afflicted. Posts: 1,353. Joined: Feb 10, 2010 Location: Low Lands. Charlodius said: ↑ According to BG logs, this is '51 nocaster is 2790. It used to belong to JJ Cale. View attachment 833494. Click to expand... In that case, the JJCale guitar is very likely to have that serial. I have no reason to believe the first RI Convertible isn't as good as or better than my original. They had piezo pickups in addition to the lipstick. I've heard the piezos aren't very good, but JJ Cale made better sounds with a Casio guitar synth than I could make with God's own blackguard Otherwise, I'm reminded of all the times I saw JJ Cale play; it was always a different guitar, and usually some amp of the house-backline variety, but somehow the sound was always the same, no matter whether he was playing a Danelectro or some weird-ass heavy metal guitar. Good luck, and thanks for noticing all the subtle **** that's baked into those Acetone tracks. Cheers, Mark . 65pr.

AKG 1000,Shure SM 58,Sony Stereo Condenser, Pro Audio Sonar, Acid 2.0, Yamaha FG410 Guitar Acoustic with Dean Markley Soundhole Pickup, Old Samick F4 Cedar Top-Acoustic in Open G, 2005 Fender American Standard Stratocaster with Buzz Feiten Tuning Nut, 1966 Traynor Tube/Reverb/Tremolo Amplifier, Danelectro Fab Tone pedal, Cakewalk Home Studio, Fruityloops Studio 5 Producer Edition, Abelton Live. jj cale'in enfes albumu. 2004 tarihli. parcalar su sekilde : 1 my gal (cale/cale) 4:24 2 chains of love (cale/cale) 3:37 3 new lover (cale/cale) 3:12 4 one step (cale/cale) 3:20 5 sto Acoustic Swamp Music, Blues Acoustic, Electric Blues/Rock,Hound Dog Vocals #music #miramichi #dillinger #dirkStewartBlues #doWhatItTake US singer-songwriter JJ Cale has died of heart attack at the age of 74. An announcement on his website said he had passed away at a hospital in La Jolla, California, on July 26, 2013. Born in Oklahoma, Cale helped create the Tulsa Sound, which combined blues, rockabilly, and country. He became famous in 1970, when Eric Clapton covered his song After Midnight. In 1977 Clapton also popularised. JJ CALE - COCAINE - HD - YouTube . This is JJ Cale - Shanghaid by JJ Cale Fan Network on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them ; jjcale.com. John Weldon J. J. Cale[1] (December 5, 1938 - July 26, 2013) was an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. ^ JJ Cale - Chasing You (Official Music Video) (2:58). YouTub

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Miscellaneous 4-String Basses at Europe's largest retailer of musical instruments - fast delivery, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 3-year Thomann warrant [C Bb Eb G Ab Gb Db Dm D Am Gm F A] Chords for Low - Nightingale (Live) with song key, BPM, capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin Jun 2, 2013 - This is the one I want. Short scale. Pretty Dec 8, 2016 - Explore Kaïs Nguili's board Guitars, followed by 4013 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about cool guitar, guitar, music guitar

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The only magazine committed to the most experienced and serious guitar players. Get Guitar Player digital magazine subscription today for the finest lessons and master classes, interviews with top artists, recording tips, and extensive product reviews.{ From the Editor }Guitar PlayerOPENING NOTESInt.. Life Without You was a song Stevie wrote after the untimely death of his great friend and mentor Charley Wirz. the song shows his love for Charley and how much he truly missed him. The White Stratocaster Vaughan played that was fitted with Danelectro Lipstick Tube Pickups was made by Wirz with the help of Stevie's Guitar Tech Rene Martinez

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Mark Knopfler discography and songs: Music profile for Mark Knopfler, born 12 August 1949. Genres: Film Score, Soft Rock, Folk Rock. Albums include Sailing to Philadelphia, Golden Heart, and Shangri-La

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